Welcome to Galaxy Information Systems (GIS) Atlanta!

My name is Fuskie, and this web site is a portal into my life.  From this page, you can (or will eventually be able to) visit my personal web site and gallery, my professional web sites, Computer Connection and Fuskie Island Productions, and special interest web sites, chats and discussion boards.  It is a galaxy of information at your finger tips.  The site is still under construction, so check back periodically to see the latest improvements.

I'm the one on the left


The Past

I started out in 1985 as an assistant Sysop, running FidoNet node 133/10 in 1989, later becoming Net Coordinator and providing an Atlanta gateway between Echomail and Usenet.   In the late 1990's I migrated to the World Wide Web and expanded interests and services.

The Present

Today Galaxy Information Systems (GIS) Atlanta is experiencing a rebirth.  While FidoNet is now a memory, advances in internet technologies have opened doors to new opportunities.  While the available services may seem sparse, don't blink because we plan on executing an accelerated growth plan.

The Future

Coming soon, the Bio Page, Computer Connection, Fuskie Island Productions, Discussion Forums, Chat rooms, and everything you wanted to know about things that interest me.  Stay tuned because you won't believe what is coming next!